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Full Conference Program (議程)

Detailed Schedule of Presentations (口頭暨海報發表時程)

Oral/Poster Presentation Specifications (口頭暨海報發表規格-僅英文說明)

Asia Conference on Kinesiology 2018 2018 亞洲運科學術研討會中文版

3rd Annual Meeting of Asian Society of Kinesiology

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The results of abstracts accepted (Including first and second stage of submission)

The 2018 Asia Conference on Kinesiology is the pre-conference of 2019 East Asian Youth Games (Taichung, Taiwan).  Based on the theories and empirical studies, the purposes of the conference are about improving the young athletes' sports performance. Various kinds of sports sciences are going to be discussed in the conference. Many important scholars are invited to giving keynote speeches and posting their crucial findings in sports sciences.


Dates: November 2-5, 2018

Location: National Taiwan University of Sport Taiwan, Taichung (Adress: No. 16, Section 1, Shuang-shih Road Taichung, Taiwan)

Theme: Racing for Better Life through Physical Activity

Host: Asian Society of Kinesiology

Organizer: Society for Sport and Exercise Psychology of Taiwan

Co-organizers: Ministry of Science and Technology, Sports Administration of MOE, National Taiwan University of Sport Taiwan, Taichung

Article Type: Experimental/Original Article, Review Article

Submission Type: Poster Presentation, Oral Presentation, Attendance only (those who choose Attendance only also need to pay the registration fee)

Maximum Number of Words for the Abstract: 2400 characters (Incl. spaces)   

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Topic Category: Sport Psychology, Exercise Psychology, Social Psychology, Motor Learning/Control, Motor Development, Sport Medicine, Sport Nutrition, Sport Biomechanics, Sport Physiology, Sport Biochemistry, Sport Pedagogy, Sport History, Sport Sociology, Sport Management, Sport Philosophy, Other.


Young Investigators Award (YIA): 

This award will be given to oral presenters of original research who are the first (primary) authors of the abstracts and win the best score according to the evaluation of YIA examiners appointed by Aisa Conference on Kinesiology Organizing Committee (ACKOC), provided that all laureates should be under the age of 40.

The ACKOC decided that the candidates of the YIA should participate in the joint presentations hosted by the Asia Conference on Kinesiology Local Organizing Committee (ACK-LOC) in the period of the conference. The evaluation of the presentations will be conducted by the examiners for YIA that the ACK-LOC assigns. The YIA winners will be awarded with a winner’s certificate and a commemorative item.


Keynote Speakers

Young Sub Kwon, Ph.D.

Human Performance

Humboldt State University

Arcata, California, USA


Wanglok Lee, Ph.D.

Exercise Physiology

Chungnam National University
Daejeon, South Korea


Tzyy-Yuang, Shiang, Ph.D.

Sport Biomechanics

National Taiwan Normal University
Taipei, Taiwan


Chen-Kang Chang, Ph.D.

Sport Nutrition

National Taiwan University of Sport

Taichung, Taiwan


Peter Terry, Ph.D.

Sport Psychology

University of Southern Queensland

Queensland, Australia


Li-Kang Chi, Ph.D.

Sport Psychology

National Taiwan Normal University

Taipei, Taiwan


Tsung-Min Hung, Ph.D.

Sport Psychology

National Taiwan Normal University

Taipei, Taiwan

Yu-Kai Chang, Ph.D.

Exercise Psychology

National Taiwan Normal University

Taipei, Taiwan


Important Dates

Opening abstract submission: April 15, 2018

Abstract submission of the first stage: April 15 - June 15, 2018
Notification of acceptance: July 2, 2018

Abstract submission of the second stage: July 16 - September 15, 2018
Notification of acceptance: September 22, 2018

Deadline for early bird registration: April 15 - July 15, 2018

Deadline for registration: October 2, 2018

Go to the online registration form (the registration form containing abstract submission) below registration form or screen QR code

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Registration Fee

Early Bird: (by July 15): International Professional: 200 USD. International Student: 120 USD.

General Fee: (after July 16): International Professional: 250 USD. International Student: 150 USD.

Payment Links: International ProfessionalInternational Student

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