2018 ACK Oral Presentation Specifications

Carefully check the program for your presentation time. You have 8 minutes to present and 2 minutes for Q & A (totally 10 minutes for each presentation). When you arrive at the conference please load your presentation onto the appropriate computer in advance of your session (e.g. during lunch).

• Bring your presentation on a memory stick (Suggesting that you e-mail yourself the files you need in case of loss).

• The computers at the conference are PC and loaded with Windows.

• If you do have video embedded-sound will be available only the microphone only.



2018 ACK Poster Presentation Specifications

The poster presentation format offers an opportunity to illustrate your research graphically, using charts, photos, diagrams and text on a poster board. The format also affords an opportunity for dialogue about the research with convention attendees circulating among the poster boards. Please complete the layout of your poster before the your session. One author must remain by the poster board for the time indicated in the program. Also, preparing one minute to verbally present your research. And then the moderator will deliver the certificate after your verbal presentation. It may be helpful if you bring a one or two page hand-out for distribution. Include contact information such as your e-mail address on the hand-out.

Consult the FINAL Program to identify the number assigned to your presentation and use the board with the corresponding number. Poster materials should include:

• Title

• Authors

• Abstract

• Introduction or literature review

• Method (including participants, measures, procedure)

• Results (visual displays such as graphs & charts)

• Discussion

• A list of key references, if appropriate


There are no fixed requirements for font style or size; however, it is important that you prepare your poster so that it is easily readable from several feet away. An example of a research poster board display appears below to stimulate some ideas. There will be instructions in the program as to when you should stick up your poster.


Maximum Size: 90cm WIDE * 110cm HIGH



FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (1030 Schedule of oral presentation .pdf)1030 Schedule of oral presentation .pdf 215 Kb
Download this file (1030 Schedule of poster presentation.pdf)1030 Schedule of poster presentation.pdf 288 Kb